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TUSMØRKE - Offerpresten 7"

Two track EP from Norwegian progressive esoteric rock band TUSMØRKE who have gained quite a bit of success with their debut album "Underjordisk Tusmørke" and impressive live shows. "Offerpresten" is a funky homage to 70s occult / prog bands like Black Widow and Aphrodite's Child, whilst the B-side chant "Mener Vi Alvor Nå?" carries the obscure vibe of a dungeon ritual. Ltd. to 500 copies, black vinyl in full colour sleeve and printed innersleeve. 




An obscure entity has been lurking in the shadows of the Hellenic black metal underground for a decade, perfecting its musical expression. Finally, Vacantfield are ready to rise and bring their unique take on avantgarde black metal to the public. Their 20-minute three track debut mini-album Iteration combines inventive yet furiously catchy riffing, inspired drumming, diverse vocals and an array of creative elements spicing things up. A must for fans of innovative and diverse black metal with a touch of classic melody without turning saccharine.




Two tasters of great things to come from Fusa, a small place on the west coast of Norway. Reptilian play oldschool death metal inspired by among other things ancient Aztec religion (Huitzilopochtli  is a Mesoamerican deity of war, sun and human sacrifice), whilst Inculter are thrashing the nearest graveyard, literally, to the bone. Ltd. to 500 copies on black vinyl, co-release with Unborn Productions.



MABUSE - Nekromagic 7"

Primitive oldschool death metal from Norway featuring members of Mion's Hill, Resonaut and High Priest Of Saturn. Four track debut EP on black vinyl including a cover of Morbus Chron's "Death Strikes". Ltd. to 250 copies incl. lyric sheet.



VIRUS - The Black Flux LP

The Black Flux was the catharsis of Carl-Michael “Czral” Eide as an artist, writer and performer and it represents a watershed in the field of avantgarde metal / rock. Hailed as “album of the year” in several publications, the album saw the band rise from curious underdogs to recognised innovators. Taking the eccentric guitar disharmonics of Ved Buens Ende beyond a dense maelstrom of sound and placing it within a surprisingly “rock” format, albeit never losing touch with the alien accents of the band’s Carheart debut, The Black Flux is the sound of an organism coming of age and understanding its purpose. Ltd. edition, 500 copies in gatefold sleeve. 



OMEGA CENTAURI - Universum Infinitum CD

One of the bigger surprises of the year comes courtesy of Omega Centauri - a two man project based in the UK and Belgium and featuring members of Sanctus Nex, Orpheus and Monads. Blending black metal, ambient, doom and a plethora of styles into one monumental whole, Universum Infinitumis an entity in its own right, standing far above and outside the mundanity of what is often referred to as "extreme metal". Omega Centauri have delivered a stunning effort of atmospheric avantgarde / post black metal. 



ENTHRAL - Obtenebrate CD

Obtenebrate is like a malign force, pullling you in and leaving you smothered in its wake. Clocking in at nearly 70 minutes, yet feeling like 50, it is as technically adept, imaginative and diverse as it is brutal, intense and dark.  Combining elements of both black and death metal, and fusing them into a metallic alloy of their own, Enthral have carved their very own niche in the extreme metal terrain, not least thanks to their imaginative arrangements and unquestionable technical prowess. Lyrically, Enthral venture deep into the darkest corners of the mind, portraying anger, despair, angst and death - all themes perfectly befitting the complex, hellish structures of Obtenebrate.




SMOHALLA deliver what must be some of the most outlandish, unpredictable and mindfucking metal out there at the moment. Blending black metal, classical, avantgarde, electronica and a myriad of other expressions into a tapestry so rich, arresting and unique, preconceptions about what metal is supposed to be should be left at the door. OMEGA CENTAURI sound strangely puristic in comparison. That is not to say their hybrid of post rock, black metal, film music et al can be called anything but their own. These three lengthy pieces are just as amazing as anything we've come to expect from this enigmatic act. Limited 6-panel digifile, 1000 copies.




Monte Penumbra (Portugal) is the creation of W.uR (Israthoum/Ab Imo Pectore). Half Visible Presence (Netherlands) is the solo project of Arvath (Israthoum/Perditor). Both bring to life an intoxicating, pitch black abyss of their own that is as bleak as it's rich with desolation and anguish. 14 minutes of mind altering black metal. Fans of Israthoum, Dødsengel, Thorns and Deathspell Omega, take heed. Mastered by Kark (Dødsengel).


VIRUS - Oblivion Clock MCD / MLP (out spring)

Oblivion Clock is a new EP comprising four exclusive tracks that were recorded at various locations and times and were completed just recently. As a bonus, the CD includes the much sought after "die hard" 7" tracks that came with only 250 copies of the Agent...LP + an obscure track from the Carheart sessions in a hitherto unreleased version. Playing time apx. 32 minutes. Packaged in a lavish, 6-panel digifile designed by Einz.

This nugget of obscure Virus tracks now also sees the vinyl treatment! Ltd. to 500 copies on frosted clear vinyl with black marble, matching the haunting marble imagery of the cover perfectly, including an A3 poster. Out spring 2015




Psyched Out Doom Rock Rituals from members of High Priest Of Saturn, Resonaut, Obliteration and Purple Hill Witch. Their highly acclaimed debut demo on limited vinyl. Four lenghty mantras of spaced out doom rock. Ltd. 250 copies, repress coming 2015.

Sold out, repress coming summer 2015



EXECRATION - Morbid Dimensions 2LP/CD

On their third full-length album, Norwegian experimental death metal band Execration take a step forward and to the left, incorporating new elements to their sound, spanning a wide set of genres, from black to heavy metal. Refining their already unique take on doomy, atmospheric death metal, and throwing in a multitude of refreshing twists and turns, Morbid Dimensions is the document of a band carving out their very own niche.



Esoterica play a heavily atmospheric style of black metal that falls somewhere between Xasthur’s symphonies of suicidal buzz and Weakling’s lengthy, relentless epics. The music here is cold, dreamy and spiteful, like a drug-induced vision of leaving Earth’s atmosphere and drifting off to ice planet Hell. Ltd. splatter vinyl (100) black vinyl (400) with poster.


TUSMØRKE / SPECTRAL HAZE - Elektriske Skrekkøgler Og Forhistoriske Framtidsfabler LP

Two of Norway's trippiest acts join forces on this concept split album featuring original artwork by legendary Norwegian illustrator Thore Hansen! Whilst Tusmørke are as druidish as ever, Spectral Haze set the controls for the heart of space. A cosmic gathering of what once was and what shall be. Ltd. 500 copies with poster.

Out spring 2015

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