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CARNIWHÖRE - Rising Up 7"

Carniwhöre play filthy, shabby and abusive t(h)rash from the gutters of Drammen, Norway. Banging your head to this four-tracker, you can practically smell the rotting corpse on the cover - it's that rank. Ltd. 500.



VIRUS - Carheart LP

Virus is the logical continuation of mainmain Czral's '90s avantgarde black metal outfit Ved Buens Ende. Losing the trappings of BM for a more sophisticated avant-rock style, fusing jazz, post-rock and Czral's trademark Voivod-inspired guitars, the bass magic of Plenum and the fluent beats of Einz, the critically accclaimed debut Carheart still sounds as fresh and unique as it did when it first came out in 2003. Guest appearances by Kris "Garm" Rygg and Zweizz among others. Ltd. 500.

Sold out, repress coming 2016.




Two of the greatest thrash metal acts Norway has to offer together on one deadly vinyl! Audiopain have steadfastly gained a widespread notoriety for their particular brand of oldschool thrash and their uncompromising attitude. They refuse to sign to labels, they refuse to make "album length" albums, Audiopain simply do their own thing. Featuring guest vocals by Apollyon (AURA NOIR, IMMORTAL, LAMENTED SOULS). Nekromantheon are one of the most exciting newcomers on the scene the last few years, featuring members of Obliteration and performing their 80s styled thrash with deadly precision and all the right references (SLAYER, POSSESSED, DESTRUCTION etc.) in place. Ltd. 1000, foldout cover.

Sold out.




One of the most lauded extreme metal albums of 2009, this has received several awards in Norway, and critics and fans alike rave. When you let the fumes of Obliteration's unique concoction of death, thrash, doom, black metal and punk into your system it becomes painfully obvious why. Not since the early 90s has a death metal album sounded so old, so putrid and necro, yet so vital, energetic and refreshing. In a scene that has too long been obsessed with triggered drums and polished production, totally overlooking what death metal was all about in the first place, Nekropsalms is a true, filthy blessing. Ltd. 500, incl. bonus 7"EP.

Sold out.



LYDIA LASKA - Krankenhaus CD

After years in the making, Norwegian leftfield punks Lydia Laska's full-length debut is unleashed upon the unsuspecting world. A tour-de-force of hedonistic rock'n roll decadence, a circus gone seriously wrong. Poking its nose into your most shameful secrets, Krankenhaus bares all and beyond. The scary part is how amazingly catchy it is. In an ideal world, Lydia Laska would gangrape the charts. Feeling sick has never felt this good! Ltd. 1000 copies in gatefold cover adorned with the fantastic imagery of Norwegian artist Martin Skauen, including a 36x36 cm foldout, 13x13 cm sticker and an a3 poster. 



LYDIA LASKA - Nervous digital single

Free MP3 single off Lydia Laska's Krankenhaus debut album (DUPLO 35).



NEKROMANTHEON - Divinity Of Death CD

The debut album from Norway's new rulers of evil thrashing oldschool madness is finally here! Divinity Of Death is the perfect blend of classic Slayer, Possessed, Dark Angel, Sepultura etc. combined with Nekromantheon's own amazing songwriting and instrumental skills. One of the strongest debuts in years, recorded and produced by the band themselves in their own Kick Arse Studio for that old, necro feel!



VOID - s/t CD

We are very pleased to announce the release of UK post-black metallers VOID's second album. A lot of you probably recall their electronically infused 2002 debut Posthuman on Nocturnal Art Productions. After years of silence, the band have regrouped and gone for a more organic sound this time, focusing on their post-black metal roots for an intense surge of eerie and original black metal. Recorded entirely by the band themselves under quite lo-fi conditions (no triggers here!), Void still boasts a powerful production, and the vicious nature of the music is unrelenting. Unpredictable, dissonant riffing, blasting drums and the brutal, yet diverse vocals all add up to one of the year's strongest post / avant-black metal releases. Fans of Satanic Art era Dødheimsgard, Ved Buens Ende, Thorns and experimental (black) metal in general will embrace Void. Ltd. 1000 copies, mini gatefold.





From the weatherbeaten west coast of Norway comes a sound so alarming, dismal and alien, you'd be forgiven for thinking the world had gone under. Solstorm (solar storm) combine riffs sharp as nails, beats heavy as a mammoth and a genuine feeling of sheer hopelessness, resulting in one of the most poignant and captivating doom releases in years. Think Neurosis and Cult Of Luna at their heaviest for some kind of reference, but rest assured Solstorm scorch their very own hole in the atmosphere.
Ltd. 1000 in 8 panel digifile with spot UV varnishing.



EXECRATION - Odes Of The Occult 2LP (sold out) / CD

EXECRATION's (Norway) second album, Odes of the Occult contains 9 tracks of vicious, evil death metal. It parts with the percussive style of previous releases in favor of a wider set of influences drawing from death metal, doom and cult black metal. In 50+ minutes, Odes of the Occult will make your ears bleed from dark, brutal doom-laced death metal chemically cleansed of any "modern" death metal tricks. A guaranteed highlight for 2011! Ltd. 1000, 6 panel digipak.

Originally released on double gatefold vinyl in 2011, sold out.



VIRUS - The Agent That Shapes The Desert LP (sold out) / CD

Virus' third album The Agent That Shapes The Desert combines the dissonant guitar-washes of mastermind Czral's former band VED BUENS ENDE and the sophomore The Black Flux with the outlandish nature of the band's Carheart debut, while simultaneously moving in several new directions at once. At the same time, The Agent... is the band's most coherent, catchy and well-produced effort yet, and should appeal to music addicts across a vast spectrum of genres. Czral's trademark sideways riffs are perfectly underscored by the concise, efficient drumming of Einz and Bjeima's adventurous bass lines. The vocals, also courtesy of Czral, are stronger than ever, at times reminiscent of a choir of mad preachers, at others subtle and brooding, giving off an air of desperation. LP ltd. 500 (sold out - repress coming 2016) / digipak CD with insert.



LEGIONES - s/t 7"

Trondheim, Norway based Legiones have released their debut 7"EP on Duplicate. The songs, Threat Of Captivity and Against Judah are taken from the band's self-titled demo which was released in a strictly limited dvd-cover edition (50x) by the band and has been remastered for this release. Musicall, Legiones are an amalgam of black and death metal combining atmosphere and brutality in a convincing way. The lyrics, taken from the old testament, portray the brutality of religion. Reknowned designer Robert Høyem (At The Ends Of The Earth Design) whose works include covers for among others Slagmaur and Shining, has provided the visual aesthetic. Ltd. 500.




DEATHHAMMER / KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR - When The Hammer Strikes......The Exterminator Arrvies!!! 7" (sold out)

Norway's filthiest hellbangers Deathhammer and Spain's thrashing warmongers Körgull The Exterminator join forces on this reeking slab of vinyl blasphemy. Two necksnapping thrash assaults from each band - 13 minutes of total desss!!! Deathhammer's second full-length will soon be out on Hells Headbangers, meanwhile these two tracks should whet the appetite of any lover of filthy, nasty and horrible thrash metal. Hailing from Barcelona / Girona, Spain and taking their name from the infamous Voivod song, Körgull The Exterminator have via two full-length albums and countless live performances left their stinky mark on the black / thrash metal map. The two exclusive tracks on this ep will only further their rep as one of the loudest, foulest and vilest acts around. Ltd. 500

Sold out.



NEKROMANTHEON - We're Rotting LP (sold out)

We're Rotting was originally the 2007 demo of Norwegian oldschool thrashers Nekromantheon, released as a limited CD. In addition to members of Obliteration and Audiopain, it features original vocalist Biffen (of metalpunks Rabalder), adding a menacing flavour to their savage thrash. This LP version also includes Nekromantheon's side of the long sold out Speed'n Spikes split ep (with Abigail) as well as additional unreleased bonus material. We're Rotting is simply a must for anyone into deadly oldschool thrash. Wimps & posers leave the hall! Ltd. 500

Sold out.



BEYOND DAWN - The Righteous Underground 2CD

This release compiles a huge amount of unreleased Beyond Dawn material, spanning the Norwegians' entire illustrious career - from the Pity Love debut and up until and including their last album, Frysh. Alternative versions / mixes, unreleased songs, demos, live tracks and so on, comprising more than two hours of rare, or in most cases never before heard Beyond Dawn material. Ltd. 1000 digifile 2CD incl. postcard and bonus download of 45 minutes of extra material and a pdf file of extensive liner notes.


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