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LYDIA LASKA - White Trash Attack MCD

Influenced by the likes of “Velvet Underground, The Stooges, David Bowie and oldschool black metal”, Lydia Laska are definitely doing their own thing. Discover for yourself their magic songwriting and totally unique artistic expression. Rock music doesn’t get much better than this! Ltd. 1000 in "handmade" mini gatefold.

Sold out.



INFERNÖ - Metal Commando Attack CD

Comprising out of print EPs, compilation tracks, the 2005 Überthrash live performance and the infamous 1995 'Massacre In Hell' demo, this is the beersoaked dream of every Infernö fanatic!!!

Sold out.




Cobolt are a Norwegian trio merging a variety of influences to create a very personal sound. Jazz, lounge music, electronica and a bit of industrial are stirred together into a dark concoction that can only be labelled as autumn music. Exquisite sounds for sophisticated listeners. Ltd. 1000.




MEKANIK - Der Mekanik Grooves MCD

This project has been trapped under ice for several years and is a one-off recording by members of Lydia Laska/ex-Dismal Euphony, Gehenna etc. Imagine black metal taking acid with 70s proggers like Van Der Graaf Generator and having sex with Black Sabbath, this may well have been the result. ‘Der Mëkanïk Grööves’ is a trip into uncharted territories of BLACKENED SPACE DOOM. Ltd. 1000.



COBOLT - Fountain House promo CDS

Three track promo single for the Nine album (DUPLO 18), featuring one exclusive track and a video.



LYDIA LASKA - We're Nothing Compared To Ourselves MCD

Second fantastic mini-album from the sleaziest hobos the Norwegian music scene has ever witnessed. Includes cover of L7’s ‘Fuel My Fire’ (made famous by Prodigy). Ltd. 1000.



UNIVERSE 217 - s/t CD

Universe 217 perform what they call “no-tempo rock” but what we’d like to call some of the most miserable fucking avant-garde doom we’ve heard with one of the most expressive vocal performances ever. Comes with beautiful, custom fold-out insert featuring the unique visual art of the band, printed on thick, matte paper. Ltd. 1000.




SYRACUS - The Easy Way Out CD

Norwegian alternative rock band Syracus managed to record one album before their demise. Still, it's an impressive effort of great songwriting and captivating moods that leaves the question how great this band might have become had they not quit so early in their career. Ltd. 1000.




ELJUDNER - Blod Og Kvad 7"

Eljudner deliver a genuine mix of Norwegian oldschool black metal and majestic Viking metal. Fans of early ENSLAVED will absolutely worship this, but rest assured, Eljudner sail their own passages. Ltd. 500.



INFERNÖ - Downtown Hades / Utter Hell CD

Norwegian alco thrashers Infernö's two first albums, originally released by Osmose in 1996/98, here captured on one disc with new cover art.

Sold out.




The members of Beyond Dawn may be scattered about, using their creativity in an array of various bands and projects, but the music of Beyond Dawn lives on. Bygones compiles the early out-of-print ep's, demos and unreleased tracks from the period 1991-94, showcasing the band in their avantgarde metal prime. Ltd. 1000.



ORGAN: - s/t 7"

Progressive, instrumental and avantgarde post-black metal. No vocals needed, Organ: spice it up with all kinds of obscure samples from films etc. This ep also features two exclusive tracks that are more in the experimental / electronic vein. Organ: is the perfect match for open minded listeners into metal, prog, electronica and the avantgarde. Ltd. 500. Album out in 2014.



LYDIA LASKA - Could I Have A Go On Your Girl, Please? 7"

All right! While waiting for the upcoming debut full-length from these Norwegian lowlifes, we offer you this sexy seven inch. One new track and one remix of 'Mandy'. Mixed by Billy Anderson (producer of Cathedral, Fantomas, Swans, Tool, Årabrot etc.). Featuring guest appearances by Emil Nikolaisen (Serena Maneesh) and Sissy Wish. Saucy centerfold cover, limited to 500 handnumbered copies on big-holed, pink vinyl!



VIOLATED - Only Death Awaits CD

Hailing from Kristiansund, Norway, Violated play classic thrash metal the Bay Area way. Packing a punch that would make Rocky Balboa proud, this unit will turn necks sore worldwide! 30 minutes of headbanging mania. Only DEATH awaits! Ltd. 1000.




ENTHRAL - Spiteful Dirges MCD

Enthral have always delivered quality stuff in the territories inbetween technical death metal and atmospheric black metal. Warming up before their upcoming 4th full-length, we present their most ferocious outing yet in the shape of this mini-album. Spiteful, eerie and fucking devastating are just a few of the words that come to mind. Ltd. 1000. in mini gatefold.


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