-orders totalling 125 euro or more (before shipping)
- orders of 4 CDs or more (will ship without cases, except digis of course)
When taking advantage of this, simply select "no shipping" for each item"!


Ordering options:

1. Place your order via email
(as a general rule, this is the easiest way to save as much on shipping as possible)

2. Order via the store (please read the instructions below first!)

3. We also have a Big Cartel store, where you easily can order Duplicate titles (no distro items).



1. Ordering vinyl; select your destination and amount of LPs you are ordering to ONE of the items, then click "buy". Select "no shipping" for the rest.
In most cases you can fit 2 LPs within 1 kg, or 3-5 LPs within 2 kg.

For larger orders, order via email.

NB! Always count double LPs as 2 LPs!

Didn't get it? Order via email.


2. Ordering CDs/EPs/tapes/merch; select your destination, then click "buy" on the items you want. You will be taken to a Paypal page where your item(s) have been added. Either check out via your Paypal account or go back to order more.

NB! CDs will often be shipped without cases overseas, to save on postage. If you want your CDs with cases, order via email.


3. Ordering LPs, CDs and lots of different stuff, order via email to make sure the shipping costs are right. We will help you to make the most of it!


Payment options:

1. Paypal / creditcard (via Paypal)

2. International bank transfer / bankoverføring (email ordering only)

3. Vi tilbyr også henting i Oslo for kunder i området. Dette er selvsagt fraktfritt (velg "no shipping" for hver tittel).

Any questions? Send an email.


General info:

When an order is placed via the web stores, it will be expedited as swiftly as possible, normally within 3 days (although sometimes it may take a little longer).

You will not get an email confirmation of your order, or a delivery confirmation.
We will only get in touch if there is an issue (i.e. a sold out item). No further actions are necessary (emailing us every other day to ask where your order is, for instance).

Even though we always try to deliver as quickly as possible, we cannot control the mail, human incompetence, the weather and generally unforeseen circumstances causing delays. Just please have patience. Of course, if you after a silly amount of time (more than a month) still have received nothing, please get in touch and we will try to find out what is the reason for the delay.

There is NO tracking number automatically added on regular orders (up to 2 kg of CDs/LPs). Only when an order reaches "package" status (above 2 kg) will a tracking number be added. If you still want us to send your order registered you will have to order via email and let us know.
Please observe that sending registered will add quite a bit to the shipping cost though.

Last: PLEASE BE PATIENT! If you file a Paypal claim just a couple of weeks after the order was placed because you can't wait, and the order is yet to dispatch due to unforeseen circumstances, your money fill be refunded and you will receive nothing.
Better yet; if you can't wait a couple of weeks, don't order. Rest assured most orders will be expedited as quickly as possible though, and should almost always reach you as fast as the post can deliver.



Lost / returned goods due to incorrect address information are NOT our responsibility. Please make sure your address info is correct every time.