Title: When The Hammer Strikes......The Exterminator Arrives!!!
Format: 7"EP
Year: 2011
Country: Norway / Spain

1. Blasphemy
2. Deathbangerz
3. The Flag Of Hate Shall Rise Again
4. The Never Ending Forest

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Norway's filthiest hellbangers DEATHHAMMER and Spain's thrashing warmongers KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR join forces on this reeking slab of vinyl blasphemy. Two necksnapping thrash assaults from each band - 13 minutes of total desss!! 

Deathhammer has gained a reputation for being the filthiest, most necro thrash metal band ever to rise out of Norway. Their first demo Barbaric Onslaught came out in 2006, and two more rapidly followed before their debut ep Forever Ripping Fast was released (including several demo tracks as bonus). The debut full-length, Phantom Knights saw them dragging their thrash metal carcass through pits reminiscing Bathory's legendary The Return...... album, while keeping the unique throatchoking, hellbanging metal of Deathhammer 100% intact. Their second full-length will soon be out on Hells Headbangers, meanwhile these two tracks (originally recorded in 2006, but previously only available on a couple of highly obscure, extremely limited compilation tapes) should whet the appetite of any lover of filthy, nasty and horrible thrash metal. 


Sergeant Salsten - bass, guitar, vocals
Sadomancer - drums, vocals

Hailing from Barcelona / Girona, Spain and taking their name from the infamous Voivod song, Körgull The Exterminator have through one split release, two full-length albums and countless live performances left their stinky mark on the black / thrash metal map. We have no doubt that the two new and exclusive tracks on this ep will only further their rep as one of the loudest, foulest and vilest acts around.


Steel Maniac - bass
Joe Bastard - drums
Mark Wild - guitars
Lilith Necrobitch - vocals


Released in a limited edition of 500, black 7" vinyl in foldout cover. Sold out.